Armando Bertollo

Armando Bertollo



Armando Bertollo was born in Thiene (VI) in 1965. He graduated at the Liceo Scientifico “Nicolò Tron” in Schio, studying Italian Literature with the Professor Mariano Nardello, and at the ISEF in Padua with an experimental film dissertation (“Vivettorialetennis”), relators Renata Berti and Giampietro Galana. He explores the “forms of language”, paying particular attention to its relationships, hybridations, interferences. Finalist in 2008 at the Poetry Prize “Lorenzo Montano” (Section Inedited Collection) and constant contributor to the Casabianca Museum in Malo (VI), he co-operated to the Istituto Culturale per i rapporti con l’estero dell’alta regione Austria and participated to the editorial board of the collection ”Opera Prima” of Edizioni Cierre Grafica. Together with Sergio Zanone, he is the founder and editor of Apuntozeta. His works are collected at the Casablanca Museum, at the Poets Wood, in the Anthologies of the Biennale Antarem Poesia 2006, 2007, 2008 and in private collections. From 1996 he lives in Schio (VI) where he works as a teacher.

He says:

Perhaps I search a route, a straight line, a junction among the forms of language. And when the language suddenly gets dizzy, I search the stablest shot, a grid of signs where to run some uncertain evolution. Or maybe the freedom to clean up, tidy up a little and save something from the hyper-all, the super-all of this opaque time. But I don’t know really whether this need is more a way to expiate or a licence, above all if I think again on the travail in every choice giving shape to that specific form (alteration?), which will temporarily leave me in peace with myself.

Techniques and materials

Writing, graphic, photography, videos, installations.

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